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“An estimated 96.5% of workplace injuries are preventable.” – Bureau of Labor Statistics

“Research indicates 1 hour of planning can save 7 hours of work.”

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  – Benjamin Franklin

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“$500 billion of annual business losses is attributed to employee disengagement.”

“When training is combined with coaching, individuals increase their production by 86% compared to 22% with training alone.”

“Millennials working at highly engaged organizations are 64% less likely to switch jobs.” – Gallup

Leadership & Team Development

Grow trust, productivity & creativity with fully engaged leaders & teams.


Increase morale, efficiency & retention with on-going guidance & assessment.

Behavioral-Based Safety

Build a culture of safety to reduce accidents, illness & injuries.

Team Focus Leadership & Team Development Services

Start Now! Let us help you motivate and develop your leaders  and team members into fully engaged participants in your organization’s success.

Team Focus partners with you to help uncover untapped potential in employees to foster trust, communication and creativity.  Our services range from leadership and team development to employee retention programs to organizational strategic planning.

Our clients see increased productivity, improved morale, higher employee engagement rates and overall growth in job satisfaction.  With more than 40 years of combined experience in training and consulting, we utilize the latest most proven effective experiential and accelerated learning techniques and tools.

The application of these tools has enabled us to provide customized learning programs targeted to an organization’s most pressing concerns in a variety of areas stretching from Behavioral-Based Safety Training to Employee Retention Programs to Team Competencies and more.

Our programs include support before, during and after training.  This includes coaching as well as an accountability and a positive feedback process. Let us customize a program that will be a great fit for your organization’s culture. Working together we will help your leaders and teams define and achieve the goals that are essential to success.

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